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So you’re either thinking about getting one of the cutest, playful dogs around or you have one and want more information to understand your French Bulldog better! 

Welcome to A French Bulldog Life where real owners share their experience and knowledge with you with all things French Bulldogs! They aren’t the number one favourite* dog for no reason!

What to expect with Frenchies and their health

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A Day in the Life of a Frenchie

Who doesn’t want to know what other French Bulldogs are up to? Well we thought it would be fun to have other Frenchie owners share their pics with the rest of us, capturing, you know, a ‘typical day in the life’ of their Frenchie!! 

You can see Frenchies mingling with other dogs, nap time, playing, their favourite snuggle toys, what they may have destroyed (yep – they aren’t angels!) along with trips they take with their owners and all the fun a Frenchie can handle! We can’t wait to share some of the pics with you!

French Bulldogs personality traits

For a truly wonderful dog that loves life

French Bulldogs are by nature happy, playful and cheeky! What’s not to love about that? Want to know more about them? 

All about French Bulldogs

For passionate owners of French Bulldogs we hear you

We are all for the French Bulldog and their quirky little personalities! We take our French Bulldogs very seriously and want to provide the most informative website.

Share your experiences, stories, tips and feature on our “A Day in the Life of a Frenchie” with your French Bulldog with us.

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