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22 Super Interesting French Bulldog Facts you need to know!

French Bulldogs are such gorgeous dogs and we know each variety of dog has it’s quirks and perks. Well we are here to share with you 22 Super Interesting Facts about French Bulldogs that we think you need to know!!

Here goes…

French Bulldogs are super cute, funny and beautifully loyal canines However, there may be a few things you didn’t know about them. Here are 22 fun french bulldog facts and information about what you can expect from this loveable and fun dog breed.

Interesting facts about French Bulldogs
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  1. French bulldogs cannot swim
    French bulldogs, due to their body size and shape (and heavy head), unfortunately they cannot swim. They are heavy little pooches and it’s something you need to be aware of should you have a pool or take them out on a boat. They must have a proper dog life jacket to keep them afloat.
  2. Despite their name, they do not originate from France
    Apparently they were created in England as a miniature Bulldog, they accompanied English lacemakers to France which is where they acquired their “frenchie” title. These little dogs began to gain popularity with breeders and became a favourite of Parisians. There was quite the row between English who favoured the rose-eared type of french bulldog and the French bulldog Club of America who had drawn up a breed standard  allowing only the bat-eared variety. Incidentally, this club was the first breed club anywhere in the world to be dedicated to the French Bulldog.
  3. Frenchies are great with children
    Frenchies are renowned for their relaxed and adaptable character which makes them great to be around children making them a popular family pet. They are pretty playful so it is wise to supervise them around children as they can get rather boisterous.
  4. French Bulldogs are faithful and loyal
    As mentioned above French bulldogs are easy going, fun-loving additions to any family. They are lovely companion dogs and thrive on human contact. They are loyal to their owners which can make them at times over protective.
  5. They love to be indoors
    They are happy on both a large property but also content in an apartment setting which makes them a perfect dog for small housing situations or as city dogs. They are also less likely to drive the neighbors nuts as they are more the quiet type, perhaps announcing visitors but otherwise quiet dogs.
  6. French Bulldogs have 2 different shapes of ears
    French bulldogs are known for their ‘bat ears’. Early on in the history of this breed there were many found with ‘rose ears’, that is, folded over like an English bulldogs ears. In most cases a French bulldogs ears will stand up and stay straight up between 5-15 weeks after birth, sometimes one at a time.
  7. French Bulldogs have a strict weight limit (20- 28 pound max)
    A healthy weight for a French bulldog is 16-28 pounds, with a height of approximately 12 inches tall at the shoulder. Generally females tend to weigh less than males. Like most dogs it is important that they are exercised regularly and not given snacks which can increase their weight to be unhealthy.
  8. French bulldogs as of 2023 are the number one dog in the USA
    For their first time in 31 years, French bulldogs have risen to the level of number one dog in the USA.  And as French bulldog owners, we can celebrate these little sweet dogs we all love!
  9. French bulldogs are generally bred through artificial insemination
    Due to the size of their small hips and oversized head making it hard for the male to mount the female french bulldog, they are  generally bred through artificial insemination.
  10. A French bulldog was onboard the Titanic
    It is said that affluent owner, Robert Daniel, a 27 year old banker was returning to the United States from France on board the Titanic with a Brindle French Bulldog named Gamin de Pycombe. Not realising the seriousness of the iceberg hit it was said that his Frenchie was left in his cabin but a witness account stated to have seen a French bulldog swimming in the ocean but unfortunately did not survive. 

  11. These dogs tend to fart a lot
    It is thought that there are several reasons why French bulldogs fart a lot. Firstly, due to their brachycephalic breed, which means they have flat, smushed faces. When they eat they tend to swallow lots of air. Secondly it is considered they have sensitive stomachs. Regular flatulence could indicate your french bulldog is sensitive to a certain food. If it is of concern, we recommend you get your frenchie checked out with a vet.
  12. French bulldogs also snore a lot
    Again, due to French bulldogs breed type their smushed faces cause them to snore. While most owners don’t have a problem with it, it may annoy others. We find it cute!
  13. Frenchies are a happy bunch
    Who doesn’t love to be around a happy pet. French bulldogs are naturally a happy character dog. Whilst they can look glum when in neutral mode, their wiggling bottoms and relaxed mouth and ears plus a playful attitude. French bulldogs also seem to smile where their lips curl up.
  14. They are affectionate
    French bulldogs are quite loving and do love on your lap and love cuddles, they thrive on human contact & attention (and sometimes demand it).
  15. French Bulldogs make great companion dogs
    Due to the natural happy disposition of a french bulldog they make wonderful companions and are affectionate with their owners. French bulldogs are also great at adapting to almost any situation. They are also great with interacting and relating well with other dogs.
  16. French Bulldogs have an average life span of 10-12 years
    On average they live for a similar average age of other dogs of this size, such as Pugs or Boston terriers. There are, of course, factors that can lengthen or shorten this time frame. Factors to be considered are diet, exercise, vet care and Frenchie health issues.
  17. They love being the center of attention
    Affectionately known as lap dogs they do make excellent companions for people living on their own where they will be the center of attention (but hey, who doesn’t!!). French Bulldogs do love family and kids which they love because that often results in even more attention!
  18. French Bulldogs can be trained
    While French Bulldogs are very playful and fun-loving they are a little bit mischievous at times! They do love playing with a ball, especially when they are young. It is recommended that training begins as soon as they move in from 8 weeks to set the standard, especially with socialization and potty training. Like with any new dog, training takes patience and care and plenty of positive reinforcement.
  19. They don’t bark without reason, good for apartment owners
    French bulldogs are known to be more on the quiet side (probably because they sleep alot!), which does make them a suitable dog for apartment living. They are happy to chill out in their favorite spot and play when it’s play time.
  20. They are fairly easy to maintain with a short coat and require monthly baths (depending on how wrinkly they are!)
    Despite their short coats, French bulldogs do require some grooming to keep them in tip top shape. Regular (weekly) brushing, with a rubber grooming mit or bristle brush will keep their coat smooth and remove dead skin and old hair (we do recommend doing it outside if possible or in an area that can be vacuumed up afterwards). Plus bathing your frenchie will also help keep any skin irritations at bay.
  21. French Bulldogs don’t like the heat and hot weather
    Due to their brachycephalic breed type, their short muzzles can make it hard for them to breathe which can in turn mean they have trouble cooling themselves down in warm weather. It is recommended that they have cool spaces to rest in during warm or hot weather along with plenty of water bowls.
  22. French bulldogs are called Frog dogs
    French bulldogs are known for having their legs splayed out behind him, much like a frog. This is called ‘splooting’ and they look kind of like a frog! They are often cooling their bodies down on the cold floor and by spreading their little bodies out it helps them cool down quicker.
Interesting facts about French bulldogs
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