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12 pawsome ways to celebrate your dogs birthday

Should I, and is it normal to celebrate your dog’s birthday?

Yes, yes, yes!! Most dogs, especially French Bulldogs, really are a part of their owners family and as part of a family it’s wonderful to be recognised for each year you have your birthday. We think our beloved dogs should be celebrated too! In discussion with other dog owners, we’ve been asked ‘is it normal to celebrate your dogs birthday?‘ Great question and we believe yes in todays world, it is! The fact that you can buy dog cakes gives us permission to blow up some balloons and give our pooch that little bit of extra love and attention.

This look says it all! We know that dog’s don’t necessarily know when it’s their birthday but they are aware when they are being showered with love and attention, yummy food and presents! So let’s get into party mode and look at the 12 Best Ways to Celebrate your French Bulldogs Birthday.

Ideas to celebrating your Dog’s Birthday – beyond a birthday cake!

1. Groom/ Bath

Giving your Frenchie a good bath or taking them to the groomer for a little TLC is the best way to start the celebrations (who doesn’t want to look & feel their best on their birthday?!). Or you can give them a good wash with a beautiful dog wash complete with a little massage and treaties at home. Followed by an all over body brush to make your Frenchie happy. You can check out our recommendations on dog brushes for French Bulldogs. If it’s too much on the day, we recommend washing them a day or two before their birthday, depending on how much you will plan.


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2. Doggy Decorations

Dog Birthday decorations can be as minimal or extensive as you choose. Being environmentally conscious we choose to have a few reusable decorations that we can bring out again year after year. For that reason we love bunting, Happy Birthday signs, material backdrops (that fold up easily) and balloons (yes, latex is biodegradable).

3. Make a Dog (friendly) Birthday Cake

You can make your Frenchie feel extra special with a dog friendly birthday cake. Check out our favourite dog friendly cake recipe . Be sure to check out these 25 easy homemade dog treat recipes.

4. Play your dogs favourite games

You could celebrate by playing games with your Frenchie throughout the day. Our Frenchie loves a good game of catch with the frisbee but here are some other games you can play with them:

  • Tug of War
  • Hide and seek
  • Find the treats
  • Fetch/ Frisbee
  • Give them food dispensing toys
Games to play with your dog on their birthday

5. Set up a photo shoot

Capturing your Frenchie on their birthday is the perfect time to get some gorgeous photos. You don’t have to use a fancy camera or backdrop! Using treats to get them to sit is a great way to take some very sweet photos. Getting them to sit on a fancy a chair for them to sit on is a great way to make them feel a bit special (especially if they aren’t allowed on the furniture) and likely to stay seated. We’ve used antique chairs in the past (with a small cloth to protect it from muddy paws). For the best results, if you set the chair up with less light behind and brighter lighting coming onto the front of your dog you will get great results.

Spend quality time with your french bulldog

6. Host a pawfect party

Frenchies love to socialise and often French Bulldog owners tend to seek each other out in their neighbourhoods. A party with their furry friends is a great way to let the party puppy it’s time for some fun. If you’re not keen to have a menagerie of dogs running around your house or yard, meeting at a dog park could be the next best solution. Don’t forget to invite some family or friends, to make the day more fun for the humans too! Either way, your Frenchie will have a ball with their mates and guaranteed to sleep that night.

7. Give your birthday puppy extra love and affection

Celebrating your Frenchie’s birthday can be as simple as giving them some extra love and affection on the day. From cuddles and pats to a lovely brush all over your dog will be loving all the extra attention they receive.

8. Let them unwrap their present

It always makes us laugh that dogs seem to love getting new presents. Shop for a toy they don’t have and one that suits their play style. Birthday pooches love new toys and especially squeaky dog toys and to unwrap them!

birthday presents for my french bulldog

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9. Doggie Playdate fun

Some dogs feel overwhelmed at having too many dogs to play with. A birthday celebration is a good way to have a doggie playdate. A simple walk with your Frenchies favourite furry friend or a more extensive play at home or the park is another way to celebrate their birthday.

Take your frenchie out to the beach or park for their birthday

10. A special doggy outing

Most dogs have a special place they love to go to. The beach is our Frenchie’s favourite location (lots of interesting smells and plenty of other dogs to play with!). Getting out in the fresh air and away from your usual routine is a great way to have fun celebrating their birthday.

11. Treat them to doggy treats

Why not have a hide and seek treat game? Or play some other games where they are rewarded for doing tricks. You could also reward them with a treat filled toy such as this one:

How to celebrate your dogs birthday in style

12. Get them dressed for the occasion

While your dog may not love an outfit they do look super cute! A bandanda, doggy bowtie or party hat are simple ideas that can be purchased at most retailers or you may choose to go for a more elaborate outfit for your Frenchie.

So there you have it – our top 12 Doggy Birthday Celebration Ideas!

When should I celebrate my dog’s birthday?

There are a couple of choices when it comes to which date you should celebrate your dog’s birthday. You can choose the actual birth date as your breeder should have been able to tell you. Or you can use the ‘gotcha‘ date as your chosen celebration day, especially if you adopted your Frenchie and do not know their actual birth date.

What percentage of owners celebrate their dogs birthday?

According to a British survey on Dog Birthday Celebrations it revealed a staggering 75% pet owners celebrate their dog’s birthday! More than half the owners (55%) prepare a special feast on their puppy and 64% spend over $10 on presents and decorations giving their dog extra special attention on their birthdays!

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