A French Bulldog Life

To French Bulldog or to not French Bulldog?

5 Pro’s & 5 Con’s to Consider

As a lover of French Bulldogs I can tell you many good reasons why you should have one (and I do get asked regularly what they are like to have at home).

While there are many good reasons to own one, they may not suit you and your family or lifestyle. I’m here to lay out all the pro’s and con’s of owning a French Bulldog so you can make an informed decision if they are the right dog for you and your family, or not (and we promise not to judge)!

French Bulldog Pro & Cons



Who can resist that French Bulldog face?!  C’mon, really!


Your French Bulldog is a laid back and well behaved breed.   They are very loyal, great companion dogs, and will often follow you around, liking nothing better than to snuggle up on a lap or on the couch next to you. 

They are very affectionate, but are also very playful too.  Their playful nature, mischievousness, and what they get up to will constantly entertain you.

A Frenchie is a good family breed and are also good with kids and other animals. 

French Bulldogs socialise well with other dog breeds, but it’s a great idea to start socialising them from young age.

French Bulldogs Beach

Frenchies don’t need a lot of exercise to stay healthy.  A good walk around the block a couple of times a day or a swift game of fetch will be enough to tire them out sufficiently.  French Bulldogs love to chase a ball around and play with toys.  Being a smaller dog, they don’t need a large space to run around in.

And being a smaller breed, they are perfect for smaller houses or apartment owners, but they still need, and love to run around.

French Bulldogs are pretty smart too, so training and teaching them some tricks isn’t too hard.  It’s also a great idea to provide them with some smart toys to keep them entertained for a while.


A French Bulldog is to easy to groom due to their short coat.  This also helps with cleaning….shorter hair makes for less vacuuming!  Regular brushing will reduce the amount of hair shed but also aid in evenly distributing the natural oils found in the coat, keeping their coat nice and healthy.


French Bulldogs are not prone to barking as much as other small breeds.  They are generally quiet dogs, but like any other dog French Bulldogs may bark when excited, scared or being introduced to a new stranger, or maybe when someone comes to the front door.  They will often snort, grunt or even talk though!  But beware, they do snore!

French Bulldog Pro & Cons


We always have to weigh up the cons (even though we were totally smitten at first sight!), just to make sure we know what to expect when looking into these super friendly dogs. So here goes…


Buying and owning a French Bulldog is an expensive exercise.  Purchase costs are in the thousands of dollars and there is the potential need for surgical intervention as described in the below health issues.

Health Issues

The major health concern with French Bulldogs is breathing issues caused by their short snout and flat face, called brachycephalic syndrome.

It is an idea not to give them any strenuous activity during very hot and humid parts of the day, as they struggle to breathe and regulate their body temperature.  Sometimes surgical intervention is necessary in extreme cases to alleviate this problem.

They can be predisposed to a few eye conditions and joint issues too, so you will need to keep an eye on your prized Frenchie.

Purchasing from an experienced and reputable breeder is essential as is providing the level of care you would for any other family member, to extend you Frenchie’s lifespan.

pros and cons of a french bulldog
Drooling and Farting

Yes, Frenchies fart……lots!  And it can be very smelly indeed.  Given they love to be near you 24/7, you won’t escape it!

Keeping your Frenchie at a healthy weight, with a proper diet and slowing their food intake down the problem can be reduced though.

And your French Bulldog will drool too.  Having a flat face and loose lips makes them prone to it, as they find it hard to cool down, and drooling is one way of regulating their body temperature.

Separation Anxiety

French Bulldogs are prone to being clingy, in your face needy and sometimes high maintenance.

Separation anxiety is common leading to severe distress if left alone for longer periods.  There are several products on the market claiming to assist with this, but early training, and adaption to periods of alone time, coupled with some smart toys should also help alleviate you Frenchies distress.

Being Stubborn

French Bulldogs are notorious for pulling on leads and leashes and are sometimes hard to train.  It doesn’t mean they are not smart dogs, it just means they want to do things their way..……or not at all!

Regular, patient and proper training for your Frenchie will help to reduce these tendencies.

In conclusion – if you can work around these few cons (and let’s face it, every dog breed has their downside), then you can have a fulfilling life with a frenchie!

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