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The most effective dog brush for French Bulldogs

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Furminator for french bulldog

Getting to know French Bulldogs and their fur

Like many types of dogs Frenchies seem to vary in the amount of hair they shed. This is dependent on many factors such as genetic make up, climate, skin condition, diet and how often they are groomed or brushed. Our readers report a real mix in how often they need to brush their dogs, with some saying every day, to once every 6 months or even a year. This can also be dependent on how active they are, the environment they also live in (such as apartment living vs lots of outdoor activity) and how much an owner may want to brush them.

Sick of the fur and need to deshed your dog?

For the most part Frenchies are a pretty minimalistic hair shedding dog however, they are not all the same and while some hardly shed, some shed A LOT!

We get asked a lot about what type of dog brush we use on our Frenchie and honestly, we have tried several. We will also discuss whether you should or shouldn’t brush your Frenchie and give a round up of what brushes our readers use and find best for their French Bulldog.

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Getting to know your frenchie and their fur

Frenchie Coat & Skin Care

Before we jump into our favourite brushes let’s look at their coat & skin care. Frenchies are a pretty easy going dog to care for where a good brush once a week will keep their coats healthy (but like many, they will take more regular brushing for how good it feels!).

Bathing your French Bulldog is a pretty simple task as most love it, especially if they have been used to it since being a puppy. Dog shampoo is recommended over a human one because dog shampoos are formulated for the dogs skin pH of 7.5 as opposed to humans pH of 5.5. You will find a large range of dog shampoos at your vet, as well as some specially formulated ones for skin conditions. Oatmeal-based ones are great for soothing itchy skin and antiseborrheic ones can degrease greasiness from seborrhea.

Bathing your French Bulldog

To bath your Frenchie simply fill a tub or sink with water the same temperature you would want to bathe in and a nonslip mat is ideal so they don’t slip if moving about. A spray attachment is best to wet your dog all over. Mix the shampoo with water and massage it into their coat, avoiding the eyes. Rinse their coat, starting from the head down to their back. For a softer coat apply conditioner and rinse once rubbed in. Towel dry him off and take him (or her) to a warm area. He will do a crazy frenchie run about, so avoid slippery floors (we find the back lawn great for a run off) and final towel off.

Weekly Requirement

A weekly groom will help to combat any skin conditions by inspecting and cleaning their wrinkles, especially around their mouths & noses. These skin folds can trap moisture and bacteria and may become infected & smelly. To combat this, use an antibacterial wipe or even paper towel (or have a set of clean rags to use then wash) dipped in warm water and then dry the folds thoroughly.

Frenchies noses also tend to crack so using an ointment such as paw paw lotion or vaseline massaged into the nose once a week should help keep it soft & pliable. They will rub it off but give it a good dab and rub it in to have the best result. It should still work.

Best Dog Brushes for your Frenchie (according to our readers)

As voted by our readers here is the Top 6 Dog Brushes loved by Frenchie owners. From natural to hard working fur grooming brushes they will make your Frenchies coat shine!

  1. The Furminator – Coming in as the most popular dog brush used by the most French Bulldog owners we surveyed (32%) it clearly is a winner. One comment that stood out was how long the Furminator has lasted a lot of owners which is good news, plus how effective it was in gathering the dog hair off their frenchies.

2. The Kong Zoom Groom brush
Clearly up the at the top for a reason as it’s super easy to hold (and fits a wide range of hand sizes – from the kids to a man!)

3. The Curry Brush
What was most loved about this brush was the gentle but efficient nature of this brush with the natural bamboo handle that fits easily into your hand and the rubber bristles that make brushing feel good for your Frenchie.

4. Pet Grooming Gloves for gentle hair removal

The glove option was also popular as people felt they could give their dog a massage at the same time as grooming them, which resulted in a patient and happy Frenchie. Plus if you prefer one hand over the other (admit it, well all tend to do things with one dominant hand!) you have both gloves to choose. There was a mix of options but we like these ones from Delomo as the glove allows easy fur removal from your frenchie afgter you’ve given them a beautiful grooming session, positive reviews and durability.

5. The Sleek EZ 5″ Dog Grooming Tool

Several of our readers voted for this one and swore by it. They loved the feel of it in their hand (especially being made of wood) and the ease of brushing their frenchie with it. We haven’t tried this one and while I like the look of it I feel like it would be quite tricky to hold with a fidgety frenchie! But perhaps it depends on your frenchie and how well they sit for a groom.

One of the best voted 
Grooming brush for frenchie

6. Kidken P3 Pro Pet Grooming Kit Vacuum – Low Noise

Up until doing our survey I had not seen these Dog Grooming kit with vacuum! But oh my gosh – game changer!! We are in love with this highly practical kit that minimises dog hair mess from brushing (you know when you are brushing your dog and you see the hairs flying all around the air!!). With a frenchie that will willingly attack a normal vacuum we think this could be a winner with its low noise solution. With a bit of training we think our Max will love the regular brushing and we will love the limited fur around the house! We’d love to hear what you think.

Dog brush alternative for frenchie grooming

Summing up French Bulldog Grooming Tools

Frenchies are generally a low-maintenance breed when it comes to grooming but there are definately ways to make the occasions more enjoyable for both you and your dog. Plus there are lots of ways to make dog grooming easier, so long as you have the right French Bulldog grooming products and tools to hand.

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