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Best Stroller Guide for Frenchies

Best dog stroller for frenchies

Best Stroller & Carrier Guide for Frenchies

Due to the unique needs of French Bulldogs it’s important to select the right gear. Due to their brachycephalic nature and sensitivity to temperature it is important to look carefully at the features of various strollers and carriers.

There are many reasons why Frenchie owners (or any dog owner, for that matter) resort to using a stroller to take their beloved four legged friend out in one. In this article we look at the reasons why (how they can be helpful) and the variety of strollers & carriers on the market. Then we dive into the details as to why they may be best suited for a french bulldog, we want to ensure they will be safely restrained, comfortable and not overheat.

Why Use Dog Strollers and Carriers for French Bulldogs?

We’ve all seen people out and about walking their dog with a dog stroller and initially questioned why are people pushing their dog in a pram? Isn’t the reason you take your dog out for a walk to exercise them? Well, after asked around we realised that there are actually some very valid reasons why people do use dog strollers and frenchie owners use them too!

Here are a few reasons why people use dog strollers:

French bulldog in a dog stroller
  • Health and Safety: For various health reasons (such as brachycephalic issues & overheating) walking long distances can be challenging for French Bulldogs and strollers/carriers can help combat this problem.
  • Medical Requirement: If your Frenchie has a current medical problem such as a recent operation or injury, strollers are wonderful in still allowing you to get them out of the house for some fresh air and a little socialisation.
  • Convenience for Owners: strollers and carriers can make outings more convenient, especially in crowded places or for travel.
  • No-Strain Pet Carrier: instead of carrying your frenchie in a crate a stroller can be a valuable solution that is much kinder to your back
  • Environmental purposes: strollers that attach to a bike are perfect for being able to transport your frenchie to work, school, an event and so forth, without taking the car.
  • Socialization and Outdoor Exposure: Using these aids can help in socializing your dog safely and can provide them with outdoor stimulation without overexertion or should your frenchie be a little anxious this may help them feel calmer around a potentially hectic or busy area.
  • Get extra fit: whilst walking you and your dog is essential for everyone’s health, we all know frenchies don’t always have the capacity to walk long distances (especially when it’s hot), so taking a dog stroller can help you get a few extra miles in your walk once your frenchie has had enough.

So many types of Dog Strollers and Carriers

There is a massive variety of strollers and carriers on the market and we will attempt to share a few of these and their benefits in the discussion below. By all means the offerings are not exhausted but you should do your own research, look at when, where and why you will use it then match this to your best one.

  • Strollers: We cover different types of strollers (e.g., standard, jogging, double-decker) and their benefits.
  • Carriers: We will discuss the various carriers available (e.g., backpack, sling, wheeled) and what situations they’re best for.
  • Special Features for French Bulldogs: We highlight features to look for that cater to the specific needs of French Bulldogs, such as ventilation, comfort, and size.

**Be sure to check out some local Frenchies enjoying their stroller time at the bottom of this article!**

How to Choose the Right Stroller or Carrier

Whilst reviewing these many carriers a lot went through our minds in terms of practicality, general wear and tear, cost and quality. We encourage you when looking at purchasing a stroller or carrier these things to keep in mind & ask yourself:

  • Size and Weight Capacity: Is this carrier the right size and weight capacity for my French Bulldog?
  • Comfort and Safety Features: Are the features like padded interiors, safety harnesses, and adequate ventilation included or are there any features that we really don’t need?
  • Portability and Storage: How easy it is to fold, store, and transport the stroller or carrier? Is it compact and fit in my car/cupboard/hallway?
  • Durability and Material: Look at what the carrier is made out of and are they durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain? Can you buy covers to put on the inside for easy washing?

Top 10 Frenchie Strollers and Carriers for French Bulldogs

Below you will find a list of recommended strollers and carriers that are well-suited for French Bulldogs, including a brief review of each and why we liked them. We have also tried to highlight any cons or things they don’t have. We’d love to hear your feedback and if any of these suited you and your frenchie.

1. Foldable Pet Stroller with cup holder

This is a pretty simple stroller. A couple of things we like – it comes in a range of colours; it can be folded down with one hand by pressing the switch, it’s light weight, has a brake device, storage basket, mesh window that can be opened or shut but still allow your frenchie to see the world passing by (and help them resist the temptation to jump out!). Overall, this is a basic but will do the job type of stroller and if you look after it, it should last well.

Pet Stroller with cup holder

2. Pet Rover Prime 3 in 1 Luxury Dog Stroller

Now we are getting into the little bit fancy (but I think, extremely practical) area of strollers! This HPZ Pet Rover Prime 3 in 1 Luxury Stroller is quite functional. It has the stroller function with a detachable carrier allowing you to use it as a car seat. The wheels are pump-free rubber great for reducing vibration and good for stability on any terrain, the frame is lightweight aluminium and in a fancy gold colour! The handle can also be reversed and adjusted for height. It will take a few minutes to set up but has plenty of storage space underneath.

Light weight versatile frenchie dog stroller

3. Kenyone 3 in 1 Pet Stroller

The Kenyone 3 in 1 pet stroller is a little larger than the previous listed strollers. It’s got a few features we like that make it a good in-between stroller – it has a small range of colours, the basket at the bottom is reinforced (super handy if you decide to swing past the shops whilst out walking your Frenchie!), it’s foldable and compacts quite well (as shown in the picture) although you do need to have space for the cabin part which becomes separate; the large wheels are solid rubber for a smooth ride plus it has a double shock absorber on the front wheels, it has a break and pet rope buckle to keep your Frenchie from jumping out (we like this functionality!).

There are mesh windows for breathability and it has extra entry points for you to put your frenchie in via. We like this one because it’s got 4 wheels (vs 3), the compact’ness is a bonus for space saving in the car and the mesh folds down for your frenchie to put their paws on. The seat cushion is detachable (great for ease of washing/ wiping down or covering), it has a cup holder (great for your frenchies water bottle – or your own!), plus a rear braking system for you to easily put the brakes on with your foot!

Kenyone Pet Stroller for frenchies

4. Petobi 5 in 1 Dog Stroller with detachable Carrier

Pet strollers really have come a long way! And it seems like Petobi have gone the extra mile to be extra functional and provide more solutions for the average French Bulldog owner! The Petobi carrier & stroller has lots of valuable features, let’s go through them: it has breathable mesh and holes in the solid part of the carrier for extra ventilation; a suspension ring for less vibration and better shock absorption; a light weight seat belt to keep your frenchie safe; one hand folding action; a storage basket underneath and a light weight aluminium frame. The difference between this stroller and the others is the extra functions – it’s a backpack, a handheld carrier, car seat, pull carrier and pet stroller all in one!

Depending on how much you use it, the one downside we could see is the lack of shade over the top of the carrier when in stroller mode. There is a mesh zippered flap you can shut but it can limit your frenchie to laying down and we know they like to be sitting up and viewing the world when out! However, it is a pretty good stroller and usable on many other levels and very compact when folded down.

Petobi pet stroller for a frenchie

5. Booyah Medium Dog Stroller & Bike Trailer

After seeing lots of Frenchie owners with bike trailers (and as avid bike riders ourselves) we decided to share a few here. This first one is shown here is the Booyah Dog Stroller and Bike Trailer combined. A practical combination for both with and without the bike option, should you wish to use it! This stroller has suspension, a 10 inch front air-filled swivel wheel (great to navigate tight spaces or corners when on foot!), a dual brake system – parking brake and slow down breaking, quick release rear wheels and handlebar; adjustable handlebar. It’s only in orange but personally we like the bright coloured shade for road safety purposes! What we like about this one is the ability to say ride to an event, bring your frenchie with you, they can go for a stroll or if it’s too far, you can also push them around in the stroller.

Booya dog bike trailer for french bulldogs

6. Trixie bicycle trailer

The lightweight factor of the Trixie bicycle trailer is a big winner here. As a fan of bike riding but not with the extra pull this trailer makes it comfortable to pull. We also like the quick fix system of switching the front wheel out for the bike attachment, as well as the quick-fold functionality, it has a rear door for easy dog access and exiting, top and front net inserts for breathability along with a super handy rain protection covers that fold out (should you get caught in the rain!), and a cushion with viscoelastic foam (apparently making this extra comfortable and supportive for your frenchie). This trailer also has a handy set of pockets at the back for holding water bottles and other essentials. The handle bar folds down for easy height adjustment and the flag creates awareness of a trailer behind your bike (a good safety factor!).

Trixie bicycle trailer for a french bulldog

7. Dog Bike Basket Carrier

This dog bike basket carrier is not my favourite but it could be extremely useful for someone who needs to ride to their local park and may be the quickest, safest way to transport their frenchie there! It certainly is functional in that it allows you to give your frenchie and up front view of the trip, with the wind blowing in their hair they will love it! Let’s talk about the features – it has a cushion for comfort, an easy opening for putting your frenchie in from the top, a cover that they can poke their head out of should the weather not be so friendly, it attaches relatively easily to your handle bars and front of bike; it has a safety tether clip to ensure your dog stays put, side pockets for carrying bottles, bowls and toys (and other essentials like a mobile phone and keys); reflective strips add to the safety for visual awareness at night, and it’s mesh front allows for breathability. The dog carrier here can also be used in your car as a dog seat to keep them restrained whilst driving.

You would have to measure your bike to ensure it fits correctly and obviously the size of your frenchie would also dictate if this carrier would work (some are a bit too heavy). You would also know if your frenchie’s temperament would suit such a ride but it could be a great car seat transporter as an alternative. We wouldn’t have gone with something like this but from a compact size and versatility perspective we are actually more positive about it now we’ve done the research!

Frenchie bike carrier

8. Tomkas Dog Carrier Sling

The Tomkas dog carrier sling is super cute and for those with a puppy frenchie it can make carrying your frenchie a lot easier. Let’s look at the features of this carrier sling – it has super thick fabric (good for the occasional chew and sharp claws that can shred material like no tomorrow!), it has a large opening (making it much easier to put your frenchie in); the belt is adjustable to suit the weight and capacity of your french bulldog; there is a safety belt (keeping them safe and preventing them from jumping out);the strap is adjustable to fit your size; there is a zippered front pocket for your valuables. This sling is handy as you can be hands free to walk or carry out tasks as you need whilst holding your puppy safely. We love that this sling comes in a variety of colours too!

Frenchie dog carrier sling

9. Lekesy Dog Carrier with wheels

After reviewing so many types of carriers we saw the importance of an airline approved dog carrier for frenchie owners. This particular dog carrier caught our attention when we saw it had wheels and a handle to pull the carrier – essential when you are travelling and carrying a frenchie through the airport is no easy task! But also it is designed to meet the TSA standards. So what are the features: is has anti-scratch breathable mesh; a padded shoulder strap (should you need to carry it on your shoulder), durable zippers, inner safety leash to keep your frenchie safe inside; a removable and washable mat and one side pocket for storage.

The wheels can be removed so you can place the bag under the seat on a plane. The Lekesy Dog Carrier is a hand bag, shoulder bag, car seat carrier and trolley case all in one!

Airline approved dog carrier for a frenchie

10. Sherpa Original Deluxe Travel Pet Carrier

The Sherpa deluxe travel pet carrier caught our eye due to the popularity of it. But we can see why as there are quite a few features that make it suitable for transporting frenchies (although you will need to check the size if your frenchie and if they fit comfortably). Some features include: it has a mesh sides for ventilation, escape-proof locking zippers (for the houdini frenchie!), top and side entries for easy loading, a waterproof interior base (plus a removable, machine washable cozy liner); there are 2 strap types – one for holding by hand or one for over the shoulder; it has a seatbelt safety strap for car rides; has a handy side pocket for storage and can be folded down very compactly when not in use. We like this one for it’s durability and simplicity and of course it depends on your use requirements as to whether this suits you & your frenchie. They do come in a larger size.

Deluxe dog carrier for frenchies


There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the right carrier or stroller for your French Bulldog. As you can see it is important to work out the reasons why you are looking to buy one, your lifestyle, how it will suit your Frenchie’s health and therefore how will you use it the most. Getting value for money can save you in the long run and see you and your frenchie enjoying your days together out and about a lot more! Be sure to choose something that will be correct in size and weight for your own French Bulldog and also one that suits their manner. Not all frenchies like to be bundled up in a sling! But many would love an outing on the bike in a bike carrier where they have the chance to explore new areas and meet new doggy friends! We hope our article has given you a range of ideas and products that open your eyes to what is available for your frenchie. Do your research and enjoy your new adventures!

Check out some local frenchies enjoying their time in a carrier

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