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Essentials for owning a french bulldog

Welcome to our Frenchie Essentials page – an ultimate guide to everything your Frenchie needs. We’ve curated and collaborated with French Bulldog owners to bring you a resourceful list and suggestions as to how they be of benefit to your Frenchie. Whether you’re a new Frenchie owner or a seasoned pro, this page is the go-to resource for all your Frenchie needs!


    French dog puppy requirements

    Find out what your Frenchie needs - beforehand!

    French bulldog 

    Choosing the right name

    Choosing the right name

    Naming your frenchie

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    Frenchie Essentials for a Happy, Fun, Loving Pup!

    Crate train your frenchie

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    light walks for a french bulldog
    Naming your frenchie

    Build up your activity with your frenchie

    Given frenchies sensitivity to heat and respiratory limitations low impact activities such as gentle walks and interactive indoor games are great for them. They are easier on their joints and respiratory system.

    During exercise it’s important not to push your french bulldog too hard during extreme weather. As mentioned earlier, they do not have the ability to regulate their temperature as easily as other dogs so if the weather is warm- hot, it’s best to walk them in the cooler part of the day. For example, the morning or later evening once the temperature has dropped. 

    Some signs that your Frenchie has overexerted themselves include: excessive panting, drooling, slowing down whilst out walking. It’s important to stop and not continue to exert your dog which could make them worse.

    See our article on ‘Signs your Frenchie is too hot’

    Frenchie proof your home

    Even w\

    Keep everything out of reach of your frenchie

    Don't buy expensive bedding - yet!

    Start training from the beginning

    Train other humans

    Be patient & consistent with your training

    frenchie proof your home
    Toys to keep your frenchie entertained

    Be prepared to keep your frenchie entertained


    Keep your Frenchie worming treatment up to date

    Prepare for lots of cuddles

    Resist their begging

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